Hyperspectral Mapping

case studyGeoPool has a long experience in hyperspectral mapping. With our ASD TerraSpec® we have run projects in many parts of the world in Asia, Africa and Europe. We are able to measure 1200-1700 meter of drill core each day depending on circumstances on site.

Hyperspectral mapping is used to detect alteration minerals. All alteration products which show characteristic features in the spectrum within the wavelengths 350-2500 nm (VNIR and NIR/SWIR) can be identified. Below are examples of such minerals:

  • Micas
  • Chlorites
  • Clays
  • Amphiboles
  • Sulfates
  • Carbonates
  • Tourmaline

Hyperspectral mapping is a cost efficient and fast exploration tool. Fine grained alteration minerals that are difficult to differentiate by bare eyes can rapidly be detected with our spectrometer. Even minor chemical or crystalline variations is distinguishable e.g. variations in Fe/Mg compositions in chlorite or biotite and crystallinity variations in kaolinite. Hyperspectral mapping is a non-destructive method and the results from a study are easy to understand. The raw data from our study can always be used in your own GIS and 3D software. The method is usable in many types of deposits e.g. epithermal and porphyry systems, skarns, kimberlites, VMS deposits and IOCG´s.

By plotting geochemical assays and minerals obtained from spectral data, we can detect and visualize the alteration system in your project area. A certain mineral or a certain wavelength of a mineral might correlate with the mineralization. The more data is collected for the study (proximal and distal), the better and more accurate will the model be. This very valuable information can be used to orientate future drilling and to localize new ore bodies. To the right is an example of a cross section, showing how short wavelength biotite correlates with gold.


Want to try?

The work can be arranged in two different ways:

1) On site – we visit your core shed and run the measurements together with your crew.

2) In our logging facility – ship your samples to us! The samples can be drill core, grab samples or crushed material.

If you are interested in hyperspectral mapping and would like to test it on your drill core, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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